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"Procuring firewood every year has become increasingly challenging. The cords are short, wood is wet, expensive and individuals delivering are unpredictable. This summer I stumbled across 'Joshua's Firewood' and I couldn't be happier. The wood was perfectly seasoned, cut to size promised, very reasonable and delivered by responsive, respectful professionals. Highly recommended. I hope they're around for a long time."   Tiffany (Auburn, WA)


We have been buying wood from people on Craigslist and nextdoor for years. Joshua's wood is by far the best quality and he delivers legitimate true cords. The wood is clean and perfectly seasoned.  We won't buy wood anywhere else! Shellie and Todd Nicklos. (Auburn, WA)

I've burned firewood as my main heat source most of my adult life.. Due to injuries I've had to buy my firewood the last few years. What a nightmare until I met Joshua. FINALLY I get a true  cord of quality dry fir delivered to my house, dumped in the correct area and it's everything he said it would be. I bought 4 cords and would have bought more if I had a place to store it under cover. Thanks Josh   - Randy (Auburn)

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